Natura living

‘Natura’ came into being when I started designing my children’s bedrooms. As a mother of three, I wanted to create a unique space for my children that was not only child friendly but also natural and sustainable with a rattan flair. But ‘Natura’ is not just for the buyers as “the artisans are at the heart of our mission”. As I ventured into this field I found that each product had a unique story to tell; while interacting with the artisans would take one on a journey into “the world of the hands that made it and the culture that shaped it”. As you join us in working with these artisans you will indirectly help support their families and communities as a whole. Without the artisans we work with, these products and the concept of ‘Natura’ would not exist. The craftsmanship is unique and eco-friendly as we emphasize the best natural and organic raw materials for each item produced. Unlike the current trend of mass-produced items, we take time to create each product to ensure it is sustainable and authentic.