100% handcrafted Genuine Leather designed for WoodCam (except Classic One,

CO-1.0/2.0 Model and PaperCam collections).

We offer length options on the camera strap. Please choose the length option 
based on your height.


110cm /43.3" 4'8" - 5'6" feet

Camera strap

  • Leather Strap + 2 of 18mm bolts 

    To add leather strap to WoodCam collection, the 18mm bolts are designed to secure leather strap on the camera. It will fit Point & Shoot, Single/Multi lens, Instant One 2.0 wooden digital camera when adding leather strap.

    Materials: Brass
    Thread length: 18mm
    Quantity:  2 bolts

  • In a world of “instant” and “now”, Fathers factory cameras are perfect to teach children patience, understanding delays, and how to deal with disappointment. They are for kids of all ages, including adults who are kids at heart. These wooden digital cameras encourage the art of photography in our children. They give us opportunities to enjoy the present moment rather than focusing on taking the perfect photos. Father’s Factory offers heirloom quality wooden cameras that encourage kids to explore their world. These beautiful wooden toy cameras can be doubled as interior decor too.