Do you always look for mushrooms while hiking? Do you know them? We have designed some special spinning mushrooms. Which one can spin the longest? And which one does the funniest spinning?
To give them a good kick, start spinning them between your palms.

Recommended age: 3+

Types: Parasol, Champignon, Gambosa 
(From left to right on the image.) 


Eperfa sources 95% of their wood from a local national park (Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park), directly from the foresters who maintain the woods there, making sure the whole ecosystem is well protected and looked after. All of their toys are produced ethically, by individual craftsmen and in small workshops around Budapest, where disabled and socially underprivileged people are employed.

Mushroom spinning tops

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  • Material: hornbeam wood, responsible forestry from Duna-Ipoly National Park of Hungary
    Made in Hungary, EU

    All items are handmade and may be made from a different piece of wood. Yours may not look exactly like the photo


  • 3 pieces

    Height of the pieces: approx. 6 cm