Using your very own tools, will you construct an obstacle course for your pet hamster to conquer?, or build the perfect structure for your secret fort?.  With your own saw, wrench, hammer and set square, you're equipped to make many adventures happen.

Wonderfully detailed in contrasting Sapele teak and rubber wood, our set of four tools is perfectly designed to balance beautifully in young builders' and makers' hands, encouraging manual dexterity, plan-making and 'how-could-I...?' thinking for all ages.

Tool set

  • Dimensions: 
    Ruller: 150 x 100 x 24 millimeters
    Wrench: 149 x 37 x 16 millimeters
    Saw: 192 x 85 x 24 millimeters
    Hammer: 155 x 72 x 23 millimeters