Father's Factory wooden digital camera is one of the kind working digital camera with a wooden case. The Multi-Lens camera is made with walnut and cloud cypress wood with a wooden panel in the front.

It comes with 2 special lenses: wide-angle and fish-eye for the freedom of creating special effect photos. The multi-lens panel in the front gives you an option to attach your extra lenses. This digital camera is great for beginner photographers, homeschooling tools, adventurers, or anyone who loves experimenting with the art of photography.

This heirloom-quality wooden digital camera doubles as a perfect interior decor with our wooden tripod when it's not in the hand of the little photographer. 

*Special effects lens may cause blurred photos.
*Designed for children age 6 and up with adult supervisions
* Woodgrain, pattern, and color may vary due to natural characteristics of those materials 


Wooden digital camera-Instant One 2.0

    • camera board with built-in lens
    • video recorder (audio not supported & requires external power supply)
    • Time-lapse (requires external power supply)
    • 4 built-in filter on camera, normal, black & white, sepia, and blue
    • detachable magnetic fisheye lens 
    • detachable magnetic wide angle lens 
    • D.I.Y assembly required